True Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy.
 There are three essential components of true happiness.

Health, Harmony, and Prosperity.
 We can attain true happiness when these conditions are met.
An extremely effective method to attain health, harmony, and prosperity, is to purify one's spiritual aspect with the Light.
What is Health?
 Everything in the universe was originally created free of disorder. Human beings, too, were created free of fatigue and disease—in a state of perfect health. However, over time people have clouded their soul and contaminated their bodies. By purifying one's spiritual aspect with the Light, people can restore their health and come to live a life free of disorder.
What is Harmony?
 The universe was created in accordance with a plan—to build a heaven-like civilization on earth. We can help achieve this plan by cultivating love and harmony in our hearts, which will free the world of hatred and antagonism. Purifying our spiritual aspect with the Light and nurturing a heart of forgiveness and compassion is the most expedient way to attain happiness and bring lasting peace to the world.
What is Prosperity?

True Light radiated from the palm of the hand
 People do not need a high income to live a life of prosperity; in other words, prosperity is living a fulfilled life, avoiding wasteful expenditure, and freeing oneself of anxiety in the present and future. A truly prosperous life is free of attachment to materials and filled with gratitude for the blessings of life. A life of prosperity is an altruistic life that seeks to benefit the world and others—a life that will open the door to a bright future.

The Light

Experience the reality of the Light.
 By radiating Light from the palm of your hand you will have the ability to carry out spiritual purification and open the way to resolve all manner of problems you may come across.
 It is widely known that Jesus and Buddha helped multitudes of people and witnessed many miracles. The esoteric spiritual method that they undertook to miraculously help people was practiced only by a select few saints and sages in the past.
 However, radiating Light that comes from an ultra-high dimension can now be practiced by anyone who so desires.
The Light works on three levels: the spirit, mind, and body.
 In this day and age, much of the misfortune that people experience has a spiritual cause, whether the problem is an illness, financial anxiety, or with interpersonal relations. The Light purifies the spirit, mind, and body and eliminates the source of misfortune.
 We are, in fact, all spiritual beings, born into this world with a purpose. By radiating the Light you can come to experience this reality. The Light helps people to understand the existence of the realm of spirit, the presence of a will in the universe, and the reality that we are spiritual beings.
  The ability to radiate Light and the universal principles that govern the natural world in its entirety are now available for everyone. We are guided toward happiness by these noble and enduring principles.
 Sukyo refers to the universal principles that have governed the universe since its creation. They are the original principles that have become the basis of many of the great paths and spiritual traditions.
 We are able to revive our divine nature when we purify our spiritual aspect with the Light and polish our character by integrating the practice of the universal principles into our daily life.

The Vision

There is no such thing as coincidence.
 Since ancient times, it has been said that everything is arranged to happen for a reason.
 It is our role as human beings to offer thanks for all of the blessings of nature and help to realize the vision of a peaceful and sustainable society.
The vision: making a heaven-like civilization on earth.
 The founder of Sukyo Mahikari, Kōtama Okada, informed us of the divine plan in unprecedented detail.
 With the role of disclosing formerly hidden details of the divine plan, Kōtama Okada announced the arrival of a turbulent age and endeavored to spread the Light throughout the world.
Material resources were fundamentally designed to be of use in creating a heaven-like civilization on earth. Until now, human beings have been polluting and damaging the environment, as well as freely exploiting the earth's natural resources. The increasing occurrence of natural disasters around the world indicates that we have entered an age where phenomena of cleansing will take place on a global scale with increasing frequency.
 The universe is experiencing a major shift toward a new era. In the times to come, people will no longer benefit from lifestyles that are steeped in excessive materialism. An age is on its way where people will naturally seek virtue, goodness, and beauty.
 We are heading toward an age when people will need to coexist harmoniously with nature; science and spirituality will be united; the earth's resources will be utilized with wisdom based on spirituality; and all people will be able to live in peace and spiritual abundance.