Are the universal principles difficult to understand?


 In Sukyo Mahikari, people are encouraged to apply the universal principles to their everyday life. Thus, we strive to fully integrate the universal principles into our daily life. Through our practice of applying the Light and universal principles in our daily life we can continue to cultivate our spirituality (that is, refine our human character) and become people of Light in our communities and in society.
 Simple concepts such as gratitude, acceptance, humility, and altruism are the basis of the teachings. It is becoming increasingly clear that we need to make the world a place of love and harmony. In particular we need to cooperate with each other and help one another to overcome the many challenges facing society and the environment. This is why we encourage people to apply the practice of the universal principles in their given stations in life—their home, work, or school.
 We are fortunate enough to be able to radiate the Light. This practice can actually help people experience remarkable improvements in their life.
 The essence of Sukyo Mahikari lies in building a foundation for a heaven-like society in which all people can lead lives of happiness. The Light and universal principles help us to solve the root causes of misfortune.

What happens when you receive Light?
 You may notice welcome improvements in all aspects of your life.
 Many people suffering from illness have noticed improvement in their condition by receiving Light. Even people with chronic diseases have been able to recover and steadily gain greater vitality.
 People struggling financially have become able to achieve lives of comfort. Problems with interpersonal relations in the workplace have been resolved. Troubled businesses have become able to run smoothly.
 Spouses in conflict have come to see eye to eye. Healthy relationships between parents and children have been achieved. Cases of truancy, bullying, domestic violence, and juvenile delinquency have been resolved.
 Not only does the Light exert a positive influence on human beings, but it can also be radiated to anything. The Light has allowed people to witness things that defy imagination—the recovery of critically ill animals, the revival of machines that had stopped working, the growth of crops beyond expectation, and so on. There have even been cases in which property and buildings where Light was frequently radiated were not seriously affected when natural disasters struck the area, even though great damage was inflicted in the surroundings.
 In short, radiating Light and cultivating our spirituality are expedients to attaining happiness.
What training is needed to become able to radiate Light to others?
 No special training is necessary. To become able to give Light, all you need to do is attend a course (a series of lectures held each day over three days) at a Sukyo Mahikari center. It is difficult to believe that one can exercise a method of spiritual purification after only taking a course and receiving a sacred pendant (omitama). After all, saints and sages in the past were only able to demonstrate miracles after undergoing decades of strict ascetic practices.
 There are countless challenges facing human society today. Society will surely face an impasse if it continues its unbridled pursuit of materialism. Time is of the essence. If people had to undertake lengthy ascetic training to acquire the practice of radiating Light, this practice could not be made available to society in a timely way. Thus, in order to help humanity as quickly as possible, the practice of Light was revealed through the founder, Kōtama Okada, and we are now able to radiate Light after only taking a three-day course. The practice of Light is easily accessible to anyone, regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs, ethnicity or nationality.